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Optus Network

Optus has an extensive network that covers Australia, and through its parent company, SingTel, reaches into Asia and beyond.

  • Optus’ Transmission Network Infrastructure
    For Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane, Optus owns fully diverse fibre.
  • For Melbourne to Adelaide and Adelaide to Perth, Optus utilises another carrier network for full fibre diversity
  • From Brisbane to Cairns, Optus has an exclusive agreement with Reef Networks for the supply of folded fibre ring network capacity
  • Optus shares in cable systems 
    - APCN from Port Headland 
    - SeMeWe 3 from Perth
    - Tasman 2 and Southern Cross systems from Sydney
  • 4 satellites in orbit (C1, B1, B3 and 1st generation A3) plus planned new series D satellite.
  • SDH radio backbone in Tasmania between Hobart and Launceston
  • Ballarat Melbourne

Optus Transmission Network Infrastructure


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