Premium Home Support

"Turn on, turn off, unplug from the wall… still not working. Wonderful. Now what?"

We've all had the unpleasant, hair-tearing scenario of technical battles in the home, and really, who has the time to deal with uncooperative technology?

If you have an issue with your home gadgets and equipment (as opposed to Optus network connections or service – standard support can help with that!), then you can contact providers of home support services such as Cloud Flow Pty Ltd trading as QK Services ABN 49 154 553 980 (QK Services), who can offer you technical support on a number of issues for a fee.

Premium Home Support

What is Premium Home Support?

Premium Home Support

Premium Home Support is best used when your computer equipment or home network is misbehaving. We’ve got a preferred supplier who offers technical support nationwide, and they even do house calls to selected areas!

They are real people dedicated to supporting you.

So, what does premium home support cover?

Receive technical support on any of the following services:

* All versions of Windows and Mac OS operating systems

  • Fixed internet/wi-fi connectivity setup and support
  • Peripheral setup (e.g. printers, scanners, additional monitors)
  • Data security (e.g. cloud back-up)
  • Netflix setup on Smart TVs, Playstations and more...
  • Television connections/digital TV help and troubleshooting
  • Optus TV with Fetch setup and troubleshooting
  • Computer problems, including virus removal and speed issues

Bottom line, if you’re having trouble with the above or a related service, QK Services will do their best to sort it out.


Enough talking, let's get on board!

Premium Home Support is purpose-built to make your life run smoother, with less technology-related headaches. QK Services on 1300 724 347 to speak to a human right now.

1300 724 347

1300 724 347