Optus TV feat. Foxtel: Closed Captions

Closed captioning (often referred to as CC) provides an on-screen transcript of dialogue and narration in a TV program. This service is available for both live TV and recorded programs.

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Changing your Closed Caption settings

Switching on Closed Captions whilst watching a program - IQ boxes only

  1. On your Optus TV featuring Foxtel remote, press the setup button

  2. Highlight Closed Captions from the menu and select on using the arrows on your remote

  3. Press back to return to the program. Closed captions will be displayed if they are available.

Image showing the Setup button on your Optus TV with Foxtel remote

Changing your default settings for Closed Captions

Changing the default setting for Closed Captions to 'on' will enable Closed Captions to display by default on selected channels and programs only. For more info see ‘Which programs have Closed Captions’

  1. On your Optus TV featuring Foxtel remote, press the active button

  2. Select setup

  3. Select advanced settings

  4. Select picture settings

  5. Select captions & banner settings

  6. Highlight Closed Captions and select on

  7. Select save new settings. Press back to exit

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Which programs have Closed Captions

The on-screen Foxtel TV guide will display the 'CC' symbol for all programs that have Closed Captions available.

Checking for Closed Captions on a specific program

To check whether any program has Closed Captions available, simply highlight the program in the on-screen Foxtel TV guide and press 'i' on your remote control. If Closed Captions are available, the 'CC' symbol will be displayed in the top right-hand corner.

For On Demand programs, you'll see the 'CC' symbol next to the program classification instead.

Viewing a list of Closed Captioned programs

You can view a list of programs for the next 7 days which have Closed Captions available.

  1. On your Optus TV featuring Foxtel remote, press the TV Guide button

  2. Press the red button to search

  3. Select programs by Closed Caption

  4. Select a category to display a 7 day listing


Closed Captions Channels

The channels listed in the table below all provide Closed Captions for selected programs


Discovery Science

The Lifestyle Channel

New Release Sessions

111 +2

Discovery Turbo Max

The Lifestyle Channel +2

Nick Jr.

13th Street

Discovery Turbo Max +2

The Lifestyle Channel HD


13th Street +2


Lifestyle Food Channel


A & E

Disney Junior

Lifestyle Food Channel +2

Sky News

Animal Planet

E! Entertainment

Lifestyle Home

Sky News Business Channel



Lifestyle You


Arena +2

Featured on Demand

Lifestyle You +2


BBC First

Fox 8


Speed HD

BBC First HD

Fox 8 +2

Movies: Action


BBC Knowledge

Fox 8 HD

Movies: Comedy

The Style Network

BBC Knowledge HD

Fox Classics

Movies: Family



Fox Classics +2

Movies: Masterpiece

Syfy HD


Fox Footy

Movies: Premier


Cartoon Network

Fox News

Movies: Romance



Fox Sports 1

Movies: Thriller

TLC +2

Channel [V]

Fox Sports 1 HD



[V] Hits

Fox Sports 2

MTV Dance

TV1 +2

CMC (Country Music Channel)

Fox Sports 2 HD

MTV Music


The Comedy Channel

Fox Sports 3

Nat Geo Adventure


The Comedy Channel +2

Fox Sports 3 HD

Nat Geo Adventure +2


Crime & Investigation

Fuel TV

Nat Geo Wild


Discovery Channel

Foxtel Help Channel

National Geographic

The Weather Channel

Discovery Channel +2


National Geographic +2

World Movies

Discovery Home & Health


New Release Instant


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Troubleshooting tips

If you've switched on Closed Captions and they're not appearing on the screen, the following steps may help to resolve the issue:

  1. Check whether Closed Captions are available for the channel or program. For more info see ‘Which programs have Closed Captions’

  2. Try changing to a different channel, then changing back to the channel you were viewing. If your default Closed Captions setting is not set to 'on', you'll need to switch on Closed Captions again

  3. Reset your Set Top Box (STB) by following these steps. Resetting your STB will not affect any programs scheduled in your iQ planner, however this will interrupt any programs that are currently recording:

    • Switch off the power from your STB at the power point ensuring there are no lights on (please exercise care when working with electricity)

    • Remove the power cord from the back of the STB, and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting the cord again and switching the power back on

    • All the lights on the STB should illuminate, indicating that the box is rebooting

    • When the reboot is done, most STBs will switch back on. If your STB displays one red light (indicating it's in standby mode), press the Foxtel or Standby button on your remote

    •  Select the channel that you would like to view

Viewing Closed Captions on Live TV programs

When you're watching a live TV program, the captions may not align exactly to the program audio due to the time taken to transcribe dialogue and broadcast live to television.

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