Protect your device from malicious software

Hackers may use malware like viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and denial of service attacks etc. to steal sensitive information, hold your device ransom, or install software without you knowing. Attempts are usually made via apps, emails, or websites. More information on malware, prevention and signs that you’ve been compromised is available at staysmartonline.

You’ll find key ways to secure your device from malware below:

Phones & Tablets

  • Disable pop-ups and accept cookies only from trusted sites from your device’s default browser settings
  • Download an anti-virus app
  • Download apps only from Google Play or the App store

Laptops & Computers

  • Set up your browser’s security settings
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Only download content from trusted sources


To minimise internet security issues on our network, Optus complies with the Communications Alliance iCode. More information and protection is available at Communications Alliance Ltd.