Faulty Phone Sockets: Troubleshooting & Repair

If you have a faulty wall socket, first try checking whether it’s the main socket by unplugging the phone and plugging it in to a different socket. 

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Always take care and use caution when testing phone cabling and sockets.

Does the fault occur on a different socket?

If the fault occurs on a different socket then the issue may be with the handset. To confirm this, try plugging a different handset into the line. If the fault still occurs on a different phone then please contact us for further testing.

Call us on 13 13 44 (Open 24/7).

Note. Cordless devices with multiple handset pieces are considered one handset.

In most houses the main socket is located in the main living area at the front of the property, (ie. kitchens, lounge rooms, family rooms). Note. The main socket location is subject to the layout of the individual house, if you're unsure of the location, contact us.

Call us on 13 13 44 (Open 24/7).

If you live in a house: Optus can repair the main socket for you. If the fault lies with any extension socket, there may be a cost to repair as these are considered to be your personal equipment. We recommend you contact an electrician or ACMA approved contractor for a quote to repair extension sockets.

If you live in a unit/apartment/flat: We recommend you contact an electrician or ACMA approved contractor to repair the fault as Optus generally can’t repair anything past the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), a box commonly on the side of the building or sometimes locked in a garage or in a room on the complex.

Note. If you’re unsure of the location of the MDF box, your Body Corporate should be able to direct you to it.