Prepaid Mobile Broadband: How to Change Plans

Our Prepaid Mobile Broadband plans are packed with data and a large range of recharge options to suit your data needs.

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How do I change plans?

Important! You may lose your existing credit when changing rate plans. To avoid this, use up your credit before changing plans.

I'm an existing Optus customer

  1. Change your Prepaid Mobile Broadband rate plan by chatting with us online or calling us.

    Call us on 1300 555 002.

  2. If you've set up AutoRecharge, you'll need to manually update your AutoRecharge settings to match your new plan

  3. You may also need to update your Mobile Broadband APN once your new plan begins

I'm not an existing Optus customer

You can purchase online, on the phone or by popping into an Optus store

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