Manage Call Diversions: Mobile Phone

You can set up, remove or check call diversions, including adjusting the ringing time before your number is diverted via My Optus app.

Can't access My Optus App? Follow the instructions below, using a short dial code:

Manage diversions manually from your device

Use these codes to set the diversion condition(s):

  • All calls: 004
  • Diverts on busy: 67
  • Divert when no answer: 61
  • Only diverts when no coverage: 62
  • All calls: 21 (all calls without your mobile ringing at all, is recommended if roaming overseas)

To manage diversions, follow the instructions below:

  • Add diversion: ** (code from above) * (target phone number) ** (enter ring time: 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) # (press call)
  • Remove diversion: ## (code from above) # (press call)
  • Check diversion: # (code from above) # (press call)

Note. Replace ‘target phone number’ with the phone number your calls will divert to (include the area code for Fixed Line numbers).

If you're overseas, dial: +61 when entering the ‘target phone number', e.g. +61411xxxxxx.

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