Optus TV feat. Foxtel: Channel Tuning

TV tuning should always be left as a last resort. Before attempting tuning, check that tuning has in fact been lost from the TV channel that you normally watch Optus TV featuring FOXTEL from.

If you usually watch Optus TV featuring FOXTEL on an AV channel (sometimes known as 'Line-in VCR' , 'Input' or 'Source' channel) tuning is not required.

Storing tuning

Every TV, VCR or PVR has a different method of storing tuning. For specific instructions refer to your instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

The use of AV or HDMI cables from your Optus TV featuring FOXTEL decoder to your TV or VCR may provide an alternative. As AV or HDMI cables are a direct interface, no turning is required.

Free to Air channels via Optus TV feat. Foxtel

Free to Air channels (e.g. channels 2, 7, 9, 10 and SBS) are re-transmitted via the Optus TV set top box.

Watching retransmitted free-to-air channels via your Foxtel set top unit does not require manual tuning or re-tuning and will remain unaffected by the upcoming re-tune / digital channel transmission changes.

Additional channels such as your TV's VCR playback channel, channels used to view games consoles, video-camera playback and the Optus TV featuring FOXTEL channels require manual tuning-in and may be lost due to mains-power interruptions for example.