Fetch: Purchase & Connection Requirements

Interested in Fetch? Check out the topics below or head to this page to understand what Fetch is.

Cost & availability

You can check out our Fetch package pricing here.

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Connection requirements

To connect a Fetch set top box, you need the following:

  • A home Broadband service
  • A Cable, NBN or DSL modem / router with a spare Ethernet port
  • A widescreen television
  • An existing, roof-mounted, Free-To-Air TV antenna (needed for free-to-air channels). We also recommend using quad-shielded antenna cabling (available from most electronics retailers) to ensure you receive the best possible signal for Free-to-Air channels
  • If your TV is not located near your modem and you want to connect via Ethernet, you may also need Powerline Adapters. Alternatively, you can connect Fetch Mini and Mighty set top boxes via WiFi if you have a stable WiFi connection

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Broadband speed requirements

Fetch streams are delivered using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Technology at a resolution of up to 720p. Here are the minimum Broadband speeds required for streaming Standard Definition video via Fetch or Fetch Multiroom.

  • 1 stream: 3-4 Mbps
  • 2 streams: 4-6 Mbps
  • 3 streams: 7-8 Mbps

You can test your current Broadband speed at www.speedtest.net.

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