Fetch: Channel Packs vs TV Store

Select an option below to learn more about Channel Packs 'Streaming' and TV Store ‘On Demand’, available on your Fetch.

What's the difference between Channel Packs and TV Store?

Channel Packs

Content within Channel Packs streams directly to your Fetch set top box according to a schedule, much like Free-to-Air TV channel programming. As this content is scheduled you have the ability to view what's on within your Fetch's Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

TV Packs

Content within TV Store is 'On Demand'. This means you can purchase full seasons or individual episodes to download to your Fetch set top box and watch it at a time of your choosing.

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How to show / hide Channel Pack(s) in your EPG

You can elect to show or hide streaming channels from the EPG, by following these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on your Fetch remote to go to the Main Menu

    Image showing main menu button on remote control

  2. From the Main Menu, use the navigation buttons to go to and select Manage > Settings

    Image showing select and navigation buttons on remote control

  3. In the Settings screen, scroll to and select the Channels option using the navigation buttons

    Image showing settings menu

  4. Next to each of the channels / streams you'd like to hide / show, tick the check box under the Show / Hide column

  5. Hit the Paw button to save your settings

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Can I record content?

All our Fetch set top boxes are capable of recording except for the Fetch Mini. Refer to the relevant user guides for more information on recording capabilities.

Channel Packs

Channel Pack(s) content (streaming channels), can be recorded via your Yes TV set top box (excluding Mini).

TV Store

TV Store or ‘On Demand’ content cannot be recorded. On Demand content can be downloaded to your Fetch set top box to be watched at a time of your choosing.

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