MMS Overview, Setup & Cost

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Using a compatible phone, you can take photos, record videos and sounds, add animations and text and send it instantly just as you would a text message (SMS).

How to send MMS

Animated instructions are available at Mobile Device Help.

If your mobile device is not featured you can refer to our list of handset guides and support links for MMS setup and instructions, by clicking here.

Having trouble sending MMS? Try our MMS Troubleshooting Guide

How to send an MMS overseas

To send an MMS to an overseas network, your service must not have international barring and Optus must have an International Agreement with the carrier.

For instructions on sending an International messages and a list of country codes go to international messenging / calling from your Mobile

How to activate MMS

Optus pre-activates MMS functionality on all compatible handsets, so you wouldn't normally need to manually activate the feature. You can confirm MMS is active by sending a message to yourself.

Not working? You can activate the MMS using one of the following methods:

For smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android & Windows handsets)

To get device specific instructions/settings check out the Device Manuals here.

Carrier settings & updates for smart phones are also provided via your handset's companion desktop software (eg. iTunes, BlackBerry Service Books, etc.). Ensure you synchronise your handset with its companion software regularly to receive these updates.

For basic mobile phones

Via your handset

  1. SMS ‘SET’ to 738 from your mobile phone
  2. You’ll receive data settings that you need to save or activate to your handset
  3. Switch your handset off then on again to activate MMS

How much does it cost to send MMS?

The fee you'll be charged for sending MMS is based on rate plan. Click here, select your plan's critical information summary and view your MMS rates.

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