About Powerline Adapters

Powerline Adapters convert your modem’s broadband signal into a form that can be transmitted to different parts of your home via your existing electrical wiring. They are a useful alternative if your WiFi network is unable to support a high-speed data connection and it’s not practical to connect your devices via ethernet cable.

Buy Powerline Adapters

If you have Fetch with Optus, you can purchase D-Link DHP-P309AV Powerline Adapters from Optus.  The cost is $40 for a pair of adapters and $25 for each additional adapter. A $15.50 delivery fee will apply unless you order Powerline Adapters at the same time as ordering a Fetch box.

To purchase Powerline Adapters, log in to My Account > select your Fetch-enabled service > click Fetch. Alternatively, chat with us

You can also buy Powerline Adapters from your preferred electronics retailer.

Install Powerline Adapters

To use Powerline Adapters, you will need at least two paired Adapters. The first Adapter is connected to your modem via ethernet cable, then plugged into a nearby power point. The second Adapter is plugged into another power point and then connected via ethernet cable to your computer, Fetch box or other compatible device.

Tips for installation:

  • Powerline Adapters may not work in properties wired with three-phase power
  • The Adapters will all need to use the same electrical circuit to work
  • The Adapters must be plugged directly into the power point. They cannot be plugged into power boards or power points with built-in surge protectors

For more information on installing Powerline Adapters, download the Powerline Adapter Guide from the Fetch website.