What Are Powerline Adaptors?

For an overview of the Optus supplied Powerline Adaptors, select from below for more information.

How do they work?

Powerline Adaptors are a set of paired devices that transmit high speed data between two power-points in different parts of your home using your existing electrical wiring.

D-Link Powerline Adaptors

D-Link Powerline Adaptors are two identical and interchangeable white adaptors.

One white adaptor is connected to your modem and plugged into a nearby power-point. This adaptor converts the broadband connection from your modem so it can be sent through your electrical wiring to a second power-point to which the other adaptor is connected. The second adaptor converts the signal back to a regular broadband transmission for use by any compatible connected device (e.g. the Fetch set top box).

Image showing white adaptor

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Do I need Powerline Adaptors?

If your broadband modem is in one room and you have another device in another room that requires a high-speed data connection, and running an Ethernet cable or using WiFi is not possible or desirable, then Powerline Adaptors offer a cost effective solution.

An example of where powerline adaptors are recommended is when using a Fetch set top box, which requires a high speed connection to deliver video content and the set top box may not be WiFi compatible or WiFi in the house may be poor.

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What do they cost?

D-Link Powerline adaptors can be bought via the Fetch website for just $40.

You'll be charged a $15.50 delivery fee if the Powerline Adaptor is ordered after your Fetch TV has been delivered.

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Operating Systems

Powerline Adaptors if used to connect a computer to your network, support both the Windows and Mac OS-X operating systems.

Electrical Wiring

Powerline Adaptors may not work in properties wired with 3-Phase power/ older electrical wiring. If you have this type of electrical wiring, then a direct Ethernet connection or other connectivity solution would be needed. Also, Powerline Adaptors cannot be used with power-points/boards that have in-built surge protectors.

Setup / Troubleshooting Info

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