Network unlock decline codes

If you've requested a Prepaid network unlock and have received a text from us with a declined 'reason code', see the table below to find out what it means and what to do next.

All you need to do is match the code on the left with the details in the same row.

Network Unlock Decline Codes


Reason code


What to do next


Unlock code has already been supplied for this device

If you've lost your original unlock code, please resubmit the network unlock request at:

If you continue to have difficulty, please call us.

Call us on 1300 555 002


The service number has already been used to unlock another Prepaid device

Minimum recharge requirements / unlock payments must be met to unlock the device

Find out what's required and resubmit the unlock request at: 


Details supplied in the unlock request do not match what's held in our system

Please resubmit the correct details at:


The device specified has not been used with the Prepaid number submitted

To be eligible, the Prepaid service must have been used with the device you are attempting to unlock

Please resubmit the unlock request at:

If you believe the service / device has been used together, please call us.

Call us on 1300 555 002


The device specified has not been locked to the Optus network

If you believe the device is locked to the Optus network, please call us.

Call us on 1300 555 002


The service has not been recharged sufficiently or been active for enough time to be eligible for unlock

Check all recharge requirements or unlock payments are made then please resubmit the unlock request at: 


The device specified is not currently linked to a Prepaid service

A valid Prepaid service number must be entered with the correct device details to process the network unlock request


The details submitted do not match the details that are listed with the Prepaid service

Please resubmit the network unlock request with the correct details at: 


The service number specified is not an Optus service 

Please submit the network unlock request with your service provider


Sorry, Optus has been unable to locate the handset / device information submitted

Pleae resubmit the network unlocking request, ensuring the device information and IMEI are correct