Changing Phone Sockets & Wiring: Who Do I Contact?

Need a socket moved or want a new one? Need to fix up some internal wiring. You may need to hire a private contractor. Take a look at the info below

If you suspect you have faulty wiring or sockets, try these troubleshooting tips.

Do I need to call Optus?

Houses and standalone properties

We're responsible for the phone wiring up until your first telephone socket (usually this is the closest socket to where your phone cabling connects to your premises). This is called the Network Boundary Point (NBP). With some services (eg. NBN) this is at the Network Termination Device. A box that looks like a modem). Any internal wiring or sockets beyond the network bounday point are the responsibility of owner of the premises.

You only need to call us if you're unsure where your network bounday point might be or if a problem lies with your first socket or the wiring to the street and beyond. If so, contact Optus Faults & Technical support on this contact number.

Call us on 13 13 44 (Open 24/7).

Apartments, units and flats

If you're in a multi-dwelling premises (like an apartment, flat, etc.) , we're responsible for the wiring up until the network boundary point. The network boundary point for multi-dwelling premises is at the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is a box or cabinet where the telephone wiring for all of the premises on the property join together and connect to the wider network in the street. An MDF is normally found in a building's common area/garage and is normally locked. Any internal wiring or sockets beyond the MDF and into each dwelling are the responsibility of owner of the dwelling/premises.

So if you live in a unit/apartment/flat: We recommend you contact an ACMA approved electrician to make your alterations as Optus generally can’t touch anything past the Main Distribution Frame (MDF).

Note: If you’re unsure of the location of the MDF, your Owners' Corporation / Body Corporate should be able to direct you to it.

If the problem lies with the wiring from the Main Distribution Frame to the street and beyond. Please call Optus Faults & Technical support on this contact number.

Call us on 13 13 44 (Open 24/7).

Who can complete the work?

If you need work done on your internal wiring/sockets that are beyond your particular network boundary point, you can organise a private contractor to complete the work for you.

Just make sure they're ACMA approved (which means they're licensed to work with telecommunications cabling).

It's easy to find an ACMA approved electrician/technician. Simply search the Yellow Pages and ask if the electrician is ACMA approved.

Important info

Please note: Optus is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the private contractor that you hire. If you have any complaints about the work carried out, please advise the contractor directly. They are not part of Optus in any way and unfortunately Optus will be unable to help you with any complaints / inquiries regarding the contractor.