Missing Payment / Incorrect Account Paid

If you've made a payment after your current bill period closed, this payment will show on your next account.

Missing payments

Some payment methods may take a few days to reach Optus. Refer to this article for approximate timeframes for various payment methods.

If a payment is missing from your account (and it has been more than 4 days since the payment was made), contact us to begin a missing payment investigation. 

Call us on 133 937

You will need to provide us with the following:

  • Amount of the payment
  • Date of payment
  • How you made the payment (eg. credit card online, B-Pay, etc)
  • Receipt number, Cheque number or Bank Statement
  • Account number which you made the payment to
  • BSB number if you paid via B-Pay

Accidental overpayments or double payments

If you're payment isn't missing, but you've accidentally overpaid your account, take a look at this article for your options.