Optus TV feat. Foxtel: Reset Your Set Top Box

Resetting your Optus TV feat. Foxtel set top unit can resolve many technical issues and is recommended as the first step when troubleshooting malfunctions, remote control problems or user interface errors.

Reset your Foxtel set top box

  1. Switch off the power from your Set Top Unit (STU) at the power point. Ensure there are no lights on the STU

  2. Wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power to the Set Top Unit. All lights should be illuminated when the power is reconnected which indicates the reboot is in process

  3. Wait for a single red light on the STU. Then press either the FOXTEL or STANDBY button on the remote control

  4. On your TV you should see a message: F102 - Searching for Listings...Please wait. The SKY News channel will appear shortly

  5. Press the FOXTEL button on your remote control to return to the Foxtel service; and select your preferred channel in the normal way

  6. Press 999 on the remote to access the Help channel. The blue button will still be functional to access the installation menu

  7. The set top box unit when re-booting will land on the SkyNews channel