Add / Remove Missed Call Service: Mobile Phone

The 'Missed Call Service' is an alternative to voicemail that sends you an MMS (multimedia message) with an audio recording of the caller's message, whenever you're unable to answer your mobile. The audio recording can be played directly from your mobile. The service is at no extra charge to you (when you're in Australia).

You'll be covered when you:

  • Are out of a coverage area
  • Have your phone switched off
  • Are busy on another call
  • Are simply screening calls
Is my device compatible?

You can use the Missed Call Service, if you're:

  • Using an MMS compatible device (handsets released from 2002 onwards have MMS capability)

  • Currently able to send / receive MMS messages (e.g. picture messages) on your phone

    • If you need help sending / receiving MMS, check out this page

Important!  If you opt-in for the Missed Call Service and the criteria above are not met - you will not be able to receive or retrieve messages left by callers. We will not be able to re-send messages.

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How does it work?

When the Missed Call Service is active, if a caller can’t reach you, they will hear the following recording:

"The person you are calling is not available. Please leave a message."

The Missed Call Service then notifies you via MMS with the short message that's been left.

Where are Messages Stored?

Audio recordings sent to you via MMS through the Missed Call Service are saved on your phone – just like any MMS. For a 1 minute message (the absolute max!), the message size is about 92 kilobytes.

If you accidentally delete an audio recording, or you do not receive the MMS voice message (e.g. you have an incompatible device), we will not be able to retrieve and re-send messages.

If your phone is switched off or out of coverage, we'll attempt to resend the MMS voice message for 48 hours after the message was left by the caller. After 48 hours the message will be deleted.

Can I Call 321 to Retrieve my Messages?

You won’t be able to retrieve messages by calling the voicemail service from your device, as the Missed Call Service is not part of the voicemail feature.

What does it Cost?

For detailed pricing, terms & conditions and even more info, see the Missed Call Service tab on this page.

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How to switch it on or off?

Choose an option! They're all available 24/7 and free to use in Australia.

  • SMS: From your Mobile: Text the word ON or OFF to 159
  • Call: From your Mobile: Dial 159 and follow the prompts
  • Online: Simply log into My Account and navigate to 'Settings'

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Change ring time...

To change from the default setting of 20 seconds, dial this code into your mobile and replace the XX with the time in seconds. The length of time must be in multiples of 5 seconds, the maximum is 30. E.g. To change to 5 secs, enter 05.

*004*0411000160**XX# (then press send / call)

* is the asterisk key under the 7 on most keypads

# is the hash symbol under the 9 on most keypads

XX is the time in seconds your mobile will ring before going to missed call service

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Using Missed Call Service while Roaming

To continue receiving voice messages via MMS while you’re roaming overseas, you must switch data roaming ON. For many handsets, this is switched OFF by default. For instructions on how to switch it on, visit our device help page, select your handset and search for 'Data Roaming'.

When your caller leaves a message for you using Missed Call Service when you’re travelling overseas, you will be charged with the below:

  • Normal call rate to receive the missed call in the county

  • Diversion of that call to the Missed Call Service box in Australia

The rates differ depending on the country you are in. For Postpaid customers travelling overseas, standard roaming data charges will apply for downloading the MMS (max message size is 400 kilobytes). If you have an Optus Travel Pack, MMS downloads will be deducted from your remaining roaming data allowance.


To avoid these extra charges, you can turn Missed Call Service off completely as well as the call waiting feature from your device before you go overseas. Remember, you'll need to add these settings when you return to Australia.

Before you leave Australia

  1. Turn off call waiting from your device

  2. Turn off Missed Call Service by dialling *004*0411000160# (then press send / call)

When you return to Australia

  1. Turn on call waiting from your device

  2. Turn on Missed Call Service by dialling ##002# (then press send / call)

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Other messaging & answering services


Is part of our regular voicemail service and has no additional charge. It simply sends you an SMS advising when a new Voicemail message has been left.

Voice to MMS

Is a paid optional add on to voicemail, you can set a personalised greeting for callers. The complete voice message is sent to you as an audio file via MMS, you can also retrieve the voice messages at a later stage. Further info on Voice to MMS is available here.

For Terms & Conditions, click here.

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