Device / Handset Repayments & Credits

Your mobile handset repayments are charged per month and are a way for you to cover the cost of your device over time, rather than paying a large upfront fee.

Device repayments are calculated over the length of your contract (usually 12 or 24 months) and billed each month in the 'Recurring Charges' section of your account, the number remaining is also shown 

Image showing locaion of device repayments and credits

Customers on selected plans may be eligible to receive a device credit which reduces each monthly device repayment. This credit is applied separately on each monthly bill and offsets the cost of the device repayment fee as shown above.

What happens to the device repayments/credits if I change plans?

If you change to an eligible plan...

  • Your monthly device repayment fee will remain the same
  • You may receive a change of rate plan fee

What if I've finished paying off my device/handset?

If your device is paid off, you'll no longer be charged handset repayments and therefore won't receive any device credits.

What happens to repayments/credits if I cancel my service?

If you cancel your contract early, you'll no longer receive device credits and you'll need to pay any remaining repayments in full. This could be in addition to any applicable early termination charges for your service.

Please note: The plans, prices and products shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current offers available from us.