What is Group Call?

Group Call is a feature that allows you to talk to up to 5 other parties at the same time. Each member of the Group Call can also add a further 5 people, so the size of the group call is literally endless. This feature is available for both Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile customers.

How much does it cost?

Standard call charges apply to the call initiator for each call in the Group Call. No additional fees apply to use this service.

How do I activate Group Call?

You must have ‘Call Waiting’ activated. This needs to be set up on your mobile and is usually done when you connect your phone. Once activated you can temporarily turn both features (Group Call & Call Waiting) on or off when you want to:

  • To turn on, press: * 4 3 # SEND/CALL
  • To turn off, press: # 4 3 # SEND/CALL

How do I make a Group Call?

  1. Make or receive your first phone call
  2. Place the first call on hold
  3. Make a second phone call to another phone number
  4. To join the calls, either press ‘3’ on your mobile or refer to your user guide for further instructions.
  5. Repeat for up to 5 people to participate in the Group Call

How will it appear on my bill or my transaction history?

Group Calls will be listed as standard call charges on your itemised bill or transaction history. A Group Call can be identified when 2 or more calls overlap during the same time period

How will I know somebody has joined or left the Group Call?

Everybody on the call will hear “A participant has joined the Group Call” every time this occurs. Similarly, everybody on the call will hear “A participant has left the Group Call” every time this occurs.