Fetch: Content Purchase/Rental

Not sure what Movie Box is? Unsure if you're going to be charged for a Fetch movie? Select from the options below for more information.

Movie Rentals vs Movie Box

Movie Rentals

  • Have an additional fee (per movie) that will be charged on your next bill
  • Require entry of the Parental Control PIN to proceed with purchase
  • Can be identified with a $ sign underneath the movie's title image

Image showing menu and cost location

Movie Box

  • Movies are free and included in your Fetch connect plan
  • Does not require entry of the Parental Control PIN
  • Can be identified by the Movie Box logo in the information window

Image showing Movie Box logo/cost symbol

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How do I watch / rent a movie?
  1. On your Fetch remote control press the Menu button to go to the Main Menu

    Image showing main menu button on remote control
  2. Navigate to the Movies option on the Main Menu

    Image showing navigation buttons on remote control

  3. Select either a Movie Box movie (no charge) or Movie Rental (additional cost)

    Image showing movie menu
  4. Navigate to and select a movie for more information. Use the Paw button to accept and proceed

  5. If you're renti​ng a movie (additional cost) you'll be asked for your Parental Control PIN

  6. Your movie will commence downloading. You can press the Blue function key to check it's progress

    Image showing remote control's blue button

  7. Once the download has progressed enough, the movie should begin playing. Otherwise you can go to the Main Menu and access it from the Movies menu

    Image showing steps from Main Menu

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