SMS Overview, Setup & Cost

SMS (Short Message Service) allows you to send a message composed of text to other people using your mobile device. Optus SMS Text Messaging is a fast, fun and convenient way to get your message across without saying a word. The article below provides information on:

How to send SMS

Animated instructions are available for heaps of devices at Mobile Device Help.

If your mobile device is not featured you can refer to our list of handset guides and support links for SMS setup and instructions, by clicking here.

Having trouble sending SMS? Try our troubleshooting guide.

How to send SMS internationally

To send an SMS to an overseas network, your service must not have international barring and Optus must have an International Agreement with the carrier.

For instructions on sending an International SMS and a list of country codes go to International SMS/calling from your Mobile

What is Group or Web SMS?

Group SMS is a service that enables you to send an SMS text message from your mobile handset to a group of up to 20 people simultaneously. For instructions on sending a group SMS click here.

How much does it cost to send SMS?

For billing purposes, one SMS usually consists of up to 160 characters. For example, if sending a message that is 324 characters in length, you'll be charged for 3 messages.

Most devices have a counter in the message window showing how many characters you have used. Note. Spaces are included as characters.

The fee you'll be charged for sending SMS is dependent upon your rate plan. For more details on pricing: Refer to you plan's critical information summary for SMS costs.

What is Premium SMS?

Premium SMS is content provided by a third party (ie. not Optus). Premium SMS cost more than a standard SMS. There are several different types of Premium SMS including:

  • SMS Mobile Content Purchases eg. ringtones
  • SMS Competitions/Promotions/TV Voting
  • SMS Chat
  • SMS Subscriptions/Alerts

For more information about Premium SMS barring and troubleshooting click here.

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