How to Protect Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are a valuable asset and can contain confidential information. We strongly recommend you follow the tips outlined below to help protect your device and secure your personal data.

Tip 1 - Treat your Mobile with Care

Protect your device as you would a wallet or handbag. To reduce the possibility of your device being lost or stolen:

  • Don't leave your device unattended in a vehicle
  • Don't wear your device on your hip in crowded areas
  • Don't leave your device exposed (on tables etc.) in public places
  • Don't leave your device in a pocket where it can easily fall out
  • (Where available) Register your new device with a locator application (eg. Find my iPhone/iPad)

Tip 2 - Use the Mobile's security features

Follow the instructions in your device's user guide to set the equipment lock feature. NEVER write down your PIN. If you forget your PIN or if you've entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times, you'll be asked for a PUK number that you can access in My Account.

Protect your voice messages by using a PIN code and do not use the default PIN, which could make your private messages accessible to others.

Tip 3 - Back-up information

Safeguard your information and regularly back-up your contacts, calendar, photos and videos to a computer or a similar device.

Tip 4 - Make a record of your IMEI

Every mobile has a unique 15-digit electronic serial number - the International Mobile Equipment Identifying (IMEI) number. If your mobile device is lost/stolen, we will give you the option of blocking the IMEI, (which prevents another SIM card being used in your cellular device. IMEI block will bar call/SMS and data from your handset/tablet device. This block applies to all carriers and is at no cost to consumers).

  • More information on locating your IMEI number can be found here.

Note. IMEI blocking only applies to Australian users/networks.

Tip 5 - Take care if purchasing a second-hand handset

The purchase of a second-hand mobile online or at an auction can sometimes be risky as they may have been reported lost/stolen and have their IMEI blocked. You can check the status of the handset at by entering the mobile's IMEI number.

If you purchase a mobile that is lost/stolen, they cannot be unblocked.

Note. It can take up to 72 hours between a service provider reporting a device as lost/stolen and the website being updated.

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  • Additional information on securing Mobile devices can be found on the AMTA website.