Manage Call Waiting

Call waiting is a no fee feature that tells you if there’s another call when you’re already on the phone. The following information will help you add/remove and use call waiting on your phone. When on a call you will hear a series of tones indicating a second call is waiting. You can then put the first call on hold and receive the second call.

Switch call waiting on/off

Call Waiting is automatically added to your service when its connected. If you’d like to re-add or remove it altogether, contact us. On a Fixed Line Phone, you can disable call waiting on a per call basis by dialling #87 before the entering the phone number on your call.

Using call waiting

Follow the onscreen prompts on your Mobile Phone, specific instructions are available within our device guides. On a Fixed Line Phone press the 'Call Waiting' or 'Flash/Recall’ button to switch between calls.