Finding Your Service / Phone Number

Your service number is your phone number and can be identified in the following ways.

Tip: Mobile Broadband service numbers have a similar format to regular mobile phone numbers.


Using My Account

If you've already registered and linked the service in My Account, you can see its service number by logging into your My Account profile.


Using SMS

This service is available for Mobile phone or Mobile Broadband, and does not apply to devices without SMS functionality (e.g. an ipad).  

  1. Use Optus SMS Menu

  2. Go to your Messages app or your Optus Mobile Broadband inbox

  3. Send a text containing the number 1 (one) to 9999 (It's a free text within Australia, so don't worry if you've no Prepaid credit or have an overdue bill)

  4. Within a few moments you'll receive some details about your service including your service number.


On your bill

 Your service number will appear on the first page of your bill, in the section 'This Bill'.  


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