Unmetered Social Media Usage

This all depends on the Mobile plan that you're on, as only some of our mobile plans have the unmetered social media feature. To find out, have a look at your plan’s critical information summary, they're available at this link.

What does “unmetered” mean?

Unmetered means not counted. So, unmetered usage refers to accessing site(s) where the data used won’t count against your plan’s monthly allowance, leaving room for other internet usage each month.

What do I need to know about social media data usage

If your plan includes unmetered access to certain social media websites, there are a couple of important things that you’ll need to keep in mind.

  • Unmetered social media access is limited to the sites listed in your particular plan's critical information summary. Some plans may have different websites listed, so make sure you find out exactly which ones are included.

  • Unmetered social media access is limited to the data you use when viewing the social media site only. So for example if you watch a video, read a news story or download a photo from your news-feed and that content is coming from outside of that social media site, then the data used to view that content will count against your plan. Even if you watch or listen to it within your newsfeed or the site’s browser

  • Regardless of your plan, social media data when used outside of Australia (eg. if roaming overseas), is always counted and will be billed on top of your normal data usage.

Heaps more information about managing your data, including tips to control your usage are available in this article.