Recharge / Voucher Troubleshooting

Got a problem recharging? For help check out the following topics.

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Recharge - Incorrect number selected

Recharges that have been applied to the incorrect mobile service, unfortunately, cannot be changed or reversed. It is your responsibility to check all details including the service number before submitting the request to recharge.

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Recharge - Pending or In Progress

If your recharge remains in this status:

This usually means that we require more information. Our recharge processing team will contact you within 30 minutes. (Please note: Hours of operation are between 7am and 10pm, AEST). Keep your mobile phone on, so that we can reach you.

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Recharge - Declined or Unsuccessful

Common reasons for a failed recharge are:

Financial institution problem

There may be insufficient funds or a problem with your financial institution. If unsure, contact your financial institution to clarify

Voucher expired

An incorrect or expired voucher has been used to recharge. Ensure you're using a Optus Prepaid voucher and check that the voucher has not expired. Jump to voucher troubleshooting for more information

Recharge limit exceeded

The maximum number of recharges allowed within a 24 hour period has been exceeded

Maximum balance exceeded

The maximum credit/real money balance allowed is $500. If your recharge brings your balance above this limit, the recharge can be declined. Either reduce your existing balance by using your credit or reduce the recharge amount.

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Voucher Troubleshooting


Is the situation that your voucher;

Expired before purchase

Please return to the place of purchase with your receipt

Expired after purchase

If your voucher has expired since it was purchased, it will now be unusable and you'll need to purchase a new one

Failed to print

Please contact the issuing vendor/financial institution responsible for the vending machine

Printed, but is not clear enough to use / redeem

Click the chat box to the right to chat with us. We may ask you to fax both sides of the voucher to us.

Is valid, but can't be used / redeemed

Double check that you've entered the correct details, if the issue continues click the chat box to the right to chat with us.

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Service not working - troubleshooting

If you've successfully recharged your service, but your service is not working, try these steps:

Check your balance

Your balance can take up to 5 minutes to update after a recharge, ensure you've allowed this time for the recharge to take effect. To check your balance:

  • Via SMS: Text the number 1 (one) to 9999 (Free from an Optus Prepaid service)
  • Via the Phone or Online: Check out this article for more information

Reboot your device

Switch off your mobile device / disconnect your modem for 30 seconds then restart / reconnect your device so that your recharge registers on the network.

Restart your application(s)

If you can't access the internet or use an application, close all browser windows and quit all open applications, then restart. Further troubleshooting guides are available in this article

Still having difficulty?

If your service is still not working or your balance does not update, click here to chat with us online.

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