Finding Your Account Number

Looking for your Optus account number?  There are a number of ways to retrieve your account number.  

For details select from the options below: 

Using My Account

If your service is already linked to My Account you can view your account number(s) online.  Note. Your account number is visible when you first log into My Account.  

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Using your Mobile Phone

If you have a Postpaid (billed) Mobile Phone, you can obtain your account number at any time by following the steps below:

  1. Call 1501 from your Optus Mobile Phone (it's a free call)

  2. A free SMS is automatically generated, then sent to your mobile phone.  This SMS will contain your account number and current balance

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On your Optus bill

Your account number is located on the first page of your billin the top right-hand corner.  

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