Fetch: What is it?

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Features & Content


Fetch lets you record multiple channels simultaneously (excluding Mini), pause and rewind live TV. For more information on the different devices available, check out this page.


With Fetch you can enjoy all your entertainment in one easy place. For information on available content check out this page.

Content available on Fetch includes:

  • Optus Sport
  • Premium Channel Packs
  • Free-to-Air Channels (requires an aerial connection)
  • Foreign Language Channel Packs
  • On Demand content
  • Movie Box & Movie Rentals

Note: Content may require a subscription or download fee.

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Connectivity Info

Do I Need To Use A Separate Digital Tuner With Fetch?

No. The Fetch unit has 3 built in Free-to-Air tuners to watch and record Free-to-Air TV channels.

Can I Use Fetch With A WiFi Network?

The Mighty & Mini set top boxes are WiFi enabled, however if you're using an older version of the set top box, you won't be able to use the WiFi network.

For older versions, if your Broadband modem is not in the same room as your television, you can purchase a Powerline Adaptor Kit with your Fetch service. Powerline Adaptors allow you to connect your set top box to your modem using your home's internal electrical wiring.

For more information on Powerline Adaptors click here.

Can I Connect Fetch to More Than 1 Room?

Yes. You can have up to 3 Fetch set top boxes under the same household.

With the Multiroom experience, you can share movies you’ve rented or purchased, Yes TV channel pack subscriptions and recordings across set top boxes. Start watching your favourite TV show on your Mighty set top box in the living room and finish it on the Mini set top box in your bedroom.

Can I Connect Fetch with Other Equipment? E.g. X-Box

Yes. The Yes TV by Fetch set top box can be connected to most devices using HDMI, Component or Composite cables / ports. How you connect the device should be determined by checking the available input ports on the back of that device and / or the manufacturer's user guide.

Once connected, to view / use that device, you'll need to reselect the appropriate Source / Input option on your TV and / or your device's remote control

To ensure you're receiving the best quality reception for Free-to-Air channels, your antenna cable should be connected directly from your Fetch box to the wall socket. For best results, we recommend the use of 'quad-shielded' antenna cables. These can be purchased from your local electronics store.

If you'd like to watch Free-to-Air TV through another device, you can connect a pass-through cable (or co-axial) from the ANT-OUT port on the Fetch box to the ANT-IN (or RF) port on the other device.

For detailed information on connecting your Fetch set top box with other devices, please refer to the Fetch User Guide.

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Data Size, Speed & Usage

How Much Content can be Stored in the Fetch set top box?

The total size of the (Mighty) set top box is 1 TB, the space is allocated as follows:

  • Free-to-Air Content: 677 GB
  • On Demand & Pay Per View Content: 224 GB
  • Applications, EPG, Administration & Operating System: 99GB

What's The Average Size of Fetch Content?

The file size of a downloadable movie or TV show will vary depending on the duration and resolution of the video, therefore the following amounts are provided as a guide only:

  • Standard Definition Movie is approximately 2.5 GB
  • High Definition Movie is approximately 6.5 GB
  • TV episode (30 minutes) is approximately 500 MB

Will Fetch Downloads Count Against My Broadband Usage?

If your Yes TV by Fetch set top box is connected with an Optus Home Broadband Service (Optus DSL Direct, Optus DSL, Optus NBN or Optus Cable) the data used for Video On Demand, Movie Box and TV Packs will NOT be counted against your monthly data allowance.

Watching catch up TV services (e.g. ABC iView or SBS On Demand) will count against your usage.

If your Fetch is connected via another provider’s internet service, your Fetch downloads may count towards your data usage.

What are the Minimum Broadband Speeds Required for Fetch?

The minimum Broadband speed required to operate Fetch is 3 Mbps. To stream video with little or no wait time, the following average Broadband speeds are recommended:

  • 3.5 Mbps for Standard Definition videos
  • 6 Mbps for High Definition videos

You can test your current Broadband speed at the Optus Speed Test Site.

How Fast Does My Internet Need to be to Have More Than One Set Top Box?

It depends on how many devices use your internet connection to stream video at any one time in the same household. This includes other video streaming besides Fetch e.g. someone watching Netflix or YouTube on their mobile or tablet.

As a general guide, we recommend the following:





Suitable for browsing and light video usage Suitable for moderate video usage (e.g. 1x video stream at the same time) Suitable for high video usage (e.g. 2x video streams at the same time) Suitable for maximum video usage (e.g. 3x video streams at the same time)

Will Fetch Slow Down My Broadband?

Your Fetch shares the available bandwidth with other devices using your internet connection. Therefore you may experience an impact to your download speed when your Fetch is downloading content. Likewise, you may experience slower downloads of Fetch content, if you have other devices running bandwidth intensive applications at the same time.

Free-to-Air channels are NOT delivered to your set top box through your Broadband connection, therefore watching Free-to-Air channels will not impact your Broadband speed or bandwidth.

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Technical Specifications

Click or tap on the image for technical specifications. The Mighty (Gen 3) & Mini are the latest versions available.

  • Fetch Mighty Set Top Box


    Hard Drive Space: 1 TB
    Recording: Up to 585 hours (Standard Definition)
    Free-to-Air Tuners: 4
    Record / Watch: 6 / 1
    Pause and Rewind: Yes
    4K Capable (watch UHD content when available): Yes
    WiFi Enabled: Yes
    Mobile app: Yes
    RAM (leads to faster processing): 3 GB
    USB Ports: 2
    HEVC (efficient bandwidth use for better picture quality on slower connections): Yes

  • Fetch Mini Set Top Box


    Hard Drive Space: No Hard Drive
    Recording: None
    Free-to-Air Tuners: 1
    Record / Watch: 0 / 1
    Pause and Rewind: Yes
    4K Capable (watch UHD content when available): No
    WiFi Enabled: Yes
    Mobile app: Yes
    RAM (leads to faster processing): 1 GB
    USB Ports: 1
    HEVC (efficient bandwidth use for better picture quality on slower connections): Yes

  • Fetch Gen 2 Set Top Box

    Gen 2

    Hard Drive Space: 1 TB
    Recording: Yes
    Free-to-Air Tuners: 3
    Record / Watch: 4 / 1
    Pause and Rewind: Yes
    4K Capable (watch UHD content when available): No
    WiFi Enabled: No
    USB Ports: 3

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