Mobile device repairs & replacements

If a device you have purchased or leased from Optus is faulty or damaged, you can organise repairs through Optus.

If you lease your phone from Optus, we recommend you arrange any repairs through us. If you choose not to have your leased phone serviced by Optus or the phone manufacturer, you may need to pay a damage fee at the end of your lease. Learn more.

Here’s how to arrange your repairs.

Step 1: Complete our online troubleshooting process

Completing our troubleshooting process may save you from having to send your device away for repair. If your device still appears faulty, retain a copy of the '6 Step Troubleshooting Confirmation’ certificate as you will need to refer to it when submitting your repair request.

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Step 2: Check if the device is under warranty

If your device is under warranty and the service team find the fault is due to a manufacturer’s defect, the device will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you.

If the device is not under warranty or the device has been physically damaged, you can choose to:

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Step 3: Request the repair

Contact us or visit your local store to request your repair. You may also be offered a loan phone.

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Step 4: Prepare your device for repair

Important: Make sure you complete these steps. If you don’t, you may lose your data or delay the completion of your repairs.

  1. Back up your device

  2. Remove your SIM and any memory cards

  3. Remove any screen locks or PIN codes


  • Remove your Google Account
  • Disable Google Factory Reset Protection
  • Samsung: Turn off Samsung Activation / Reactivation lock


  • Disable ‘Find my iPhone’ & Activation Lock

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Step 5: Submit your device for repair

Submit your device in-store or by using the prepaid satchel we provide you. Make sure you include:

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Step 6: Track the status of your repair

Track the status of your repair. You will need the BASC number we gave to you when you submitted your device for servicing.

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