How to Activate & Use 3 Way Call: Fixed Phone

A 3 Way Call is a Home / Office Phone feature that allows you to include a third person in your conversation. This is sometimes known as a conference call.

Please note: This feature is not available with NBN services and cannot be used if the Call Waiting feature is ringing.

What does it cost?

There is no monthly fee to have the feature enabled, however standard call rates apply for each call you make, as per your rate plan and the type of number dialled.

How do I get it?

3 Way Call is automatically available on your Optus Fixed Lines Phone in most areas throughout Australia.

How do I use 3 Way call?

It's easy to make three way calls, just follow the instructions below:

  1. While on a call to Caller 1 (regardless of whether or not you made or received the call)
  2. Press the '3 Way' or 'Flash/Recall' button on your handset, this will place Caller 1 on hold.
  3. Listen for dial tone
  4. Dial the number of 'Caller 2' (the third person you want to include on the conversation)
  5. Caller 2's phone will ring.
  6. Press the '3 Way' or 'Flash/Recall' button again to combine the calls together (Caller 1 will also hear Caller 2's phone ringing

Alternatively, wait for the 'Caller 2' to answer and talk to them privately and then press the '3 Way, or 'Flash/Recall' button to begin the 3 Way conversation.

Don't have a 3 Way button or Flash/Recall button?

Consult your Home Phone user guide for further assistance on making 3 Way calls.