Cancelling Services & Returning Equipment

If you’re thinking about cancelling your service or switching to another provider, contact us on the details below. We’ll address any problems you currently have and check that you have the best Optus service for your needs. If you still want to disconnect, we’ll walk you through what happens next.

If your request is due to a deceased estate, click here.

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How to Contact Us

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Available Times:

  • Mon-Wed: 8am – 7pm, AEST
  • Thur-Fri: 8am – 8pm, AEST
  • Sat: 9am – 6pm, AEST
  • Closed Sundays

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What Happens Next?

When you contact us to cancel, we will advise you:

  • When the service will be disconnected
  • If there will be any cancellation fees or final device repayments
  • Whether you need to return any equipment to Optus

Once the service is disconnected you will receive a final bill detailing any outstanding charges.

Equipment Returns

For most equipment returns, we will provide you with a prepaid satchel and appropriate instructions. If you’re cancelling an Optus Cable service, we may need to arrange for a technician to uninstall equipment from your premises.

Important: Do not return equipment to Optus stores. Please use the satchel provided.

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