Tethering / Personal Hotspot: Supported Plans

Tethering or Personal Hotspot allows a compatible smartphone to operate as a 3G/4G Mobile broadband modem, providing another connected (ie. 'tethered') computer/device with an internet connection.

Tethering will show on your bill as 'Mobile as Modem'.

Which plans offer tethering?

Postpaid Mobile Phone Plans

All of our current smartphone Postpaid plans include tethering as a feature, regardless of the type of handset you're using.

Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

Most of our Prepaid plans include tethering as a feature. Prepaid iPhone users need to ensure they've had 4G enabled on their plan to use Personal Hotspot.

How to use tethering or personal hotspot

Go to Mobile Device Help for animated step-by-step instructions for iPhone, Windows for Mobile or Android devices. Tip: Select your device's manufacturer and device, then search for the term Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you have a device that's not listed, refer to your manufacturer's online support site.

Advanced user?

Tethering/Hotspot technical settings and APNs are available in this article.