Voicemail Troubleshooting: Fixed Phone

Here are  some commonly experienced voicemail issues and their most likely solutions.

If you've forgotten your voicemail PIN

Please call us on 13 39 37 to have it reset. Make sure that you change the default PIN that we give to you.

If you're hearing the tutorial everytime you call voicemail

The tutorial has not been fully completed. Listen through until the very end of the tutorial to complete and clear it.

If the message waiting indicator or 'stutter' dial tone won't clear

There is voicemail that hasn't been fully played through or deleted. Listen right through to the end of each message.

I have messages, but the message waiting indicator or 'stutter' dial tone hasn't notified me

  1. Someone else may have listened to or deleted the voicemail messages

  2. The notification setting 'Call Me' has been turned on. 'Call Me' is not compatible with Home Phone voicemail.
    To turn it off, go to the Main Menu (Option 8), then to the Notification menu (Option 7) and select 'SMS Me'.
    Sounds wrong, but this is the default setting for Home voicemail and ensures that you're notified when you have new voicemail.

Voicemail is not recording messages from received calls

  1. The caller has not left a message or has hung up

  2. Your voicemail is not fully setup / the tutorial completed

  3. You have a diversion active. Diversions can be removed by dialling #78 from your Home Phone

  4. You have more than one answering service / voicemail service active, e.g. An inbuilt answering machine is connected to your phone or phone line

Voicemail is picking up calls too quickly / slowly

You have 2 ring time options with Fixed Phone voicemail. 6 rings (about 15 sec) or 8 rings about 25 sec. Call us on 13 39 37 to have your setting changed.

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