Fixed Phone / Broadband Plans & How to Change

If you'd like to change your Fixed Phone / Broadband Plan or are looking to switch over to Optus, check out the topics below.

Change my Fixed Phone / Broadband Plan

Changing your Fixed plan is simple, just click on the button to get started!

If your service is on our Resale/Optus DSL network, you may not be able to change your plan using the button above. Contact us for help.

Call us on 133 937

How long do changes take?


Plan upgrades and downgrades take effect from your next monthly bill.

Calling or Speed Packs

Calling and Speed Packs can be added or removed at any time and will take effect 24-48 hours from the request. These packs will be pro-rated and will align with the bill date of your plan.

Channel Packs

Fetch Premium Channel Packs can be added or removed at any time. The fee is charged in advance and is non-refundable. When cancelling a Channel Pack, it will remain active until the end of the billing period. For help adding / removing Channel Packs, see Fetch: Tuning & Adding TV Channels & Packs.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, you can change from an older plan to any of our current Fixed Plans.

  • If you’re not in a contract: there is no plan change fee. You can stay month to month or sign up on a contract
  • If you’re currently in contract: you may need to recontract for another 24 months. A recontracting fee may also apply

If you change from a plan that is no longer available, unfortunately you will not be able to return to that plan.

What happens if I move?

If you relocate, you can either change to the new Fixed Plans or you may be able to keep your existing plan.

For more information, see Moving? Here's what you need to know.

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View plans or get a new service

To see what plans are available at your address, see Home Broadband. Alternatively click on a button below.




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I need help choosing a plan

Not sure which plan to pick? See our plan usage guide for help, along with some Frequently Asked Questions covered off below.

nbn™ FAQs

Not necessarily. It depends on the plan you’re on, the new plan and nbn™ options you choose, as well as the line speed capability. The default speed on our new Fixed plans have the same theoretical maximum download speed and a higher theoretical maximum upload speed than on our Optus Cable network, but many factors affect speed. Even though the nbn™ plan is theoretically faster than the Cable plan you’re on, it could be that the HFC network in your area is less utilised and therefore could run faster at certain times of the day.

Predicting speed is a tricky thing and you won’t know until you’ve moved whether the speed will be faster or slower.

Except for nbn™ Fixed Wireless, all the Optus Ultra Plans come with the Speed Pack 3 (40Mbps typical evening speed, 7pm – 11pm). If you want to get faster speeds with Optus, the best way is to enquire about upgrading to the Speed Pack 4 (80Mbps typical evening speed, 7pm – 11pm) where you will have faster nbn™ speeds available to you. For more information see How fast are Optus internet speeds.

Fetch FAQs

Optus Ultra Entertainment includes a Mini set top box. You can choose to upgrade to the Mighty set top box for an upgrade fee of $99. Any TV shows or movies that you have purchased through Fetch will be available to watch through your new set top box, however if you have recorded content on your PVR, this will not be transferred to your new set top box.

If the speed at your premises is not sufficient to use the Fetch product, you will be able to return the box and downgrade your plan or cancel your plan with no cancellation fees.

We check for service viability during the sales process however we don’t always have enough information to know the network speeds prior to the connection being established.

General FAQs

Unfortunately, not. On this plan family, only the $10 bundle discount is applicable if you are eligible for it.

In theory it should, as most of the earlier plans came with Speed Pack 2 (20Mbps typical evening speed, 7pm – 11pm) on which you can stream Standard Definition. The new plans are configured to speed pack 3 (40Mbps typical evening speed, 7pm – 11pm) on which you can stream in High Definition (HD). The real difference will depend on the actual speeds on your line, as many factors affect speed. For more information see How fast are Optus internet speeds.

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