Internet Safety & Security Index

When using the internet it's important to be aware of internet security issues such as viruses, hackers and privacy threats. We've put together these articles & topics to help protect both you and your family when they're online.

What do I need to know?

These articles include topics like how to identify phishing emails, what you need to do to protect your privacy online and how to report spam or fake emails.

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How Do I Stay safe and Secure Online?

These articles cover everything from how to keep your web experience as stress-free as possible, further guidelines & resources for keeping your kids safe and how you can minimise your family's exposure to inappropriate content.

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There are many different internet security providers in the market. To help you begin the search, check out:

  • Lookout: Mobile security product provider
  • F-Secure: Mobile/Home security suite product provider

The above are only suggestions, and may not suit all our customers. Please choose a product that best suits your needs.
*Customers are required to rely on the terms and conditions provided by the specific provider of the products /services.

What are the regulations that govern online content?

Topics include, what you need to be mindful of when posting stuff online or how you can raise a complaint about something that's on the web.

  • For information about publishing online content, copyright & content complaints here
  • For more information on internet blocking, check out this article