Using Voicemail's Greeting Options: Fixed & Mobile Phone

Did you know you can record different greetings to play at certain times of the day or even create greetings for specific groups of people?  For more info, read on.

How do I setup a time of day greeting?

Time of day greetings are a feature that allows up to 4 different greetings to be recorded and allocated to a schedule or can be personalised at different times. 

A greeting schedule can be setup for each day or the same schedule can be used for several days.  The main greeting will be used for any period in a schedule where no greeting has been recorded.

In order to setup a time of day greeting schedule you will need to:

  • Record your greeting and allocate a number to it
  • Setup the schedule
  • Enable the greeting

From the main menu

  • Press 3 for the Greetings menu
  • Then to access the greeting schedule menu press 5

First record a greeting

  • You can record up to 4 different greetings and you will be required to allocate a number (between 1 and 4) to each greeting that you record.  This is in order to apply a greeting number to the actual schedule that you create.
  • Select option   On the first time setup (i.e. no greetings recorded) a message will be played notifying you that you have no greetings recorded and you will be prompted with the following:

·  To record or re-record a schedule greeting press 2
·  Please enter the number of the greeting to record (a number between 1 and 4
·  Once you have recorded your greeting press *   to return to the time of day greeting menu.

Now you're ready to create a schedule.

  • To create / modify your Greeting Schedule press 1        
  • Enter the day or days of the week for your schedule (1=Monday through to 7 for Sunday). 
  • Then enter the time period. 
  • Next you will be requested for the greeting number of the greeting that you want played for this time.
  • This is the number you saved your recorded greeting under in the previous recording steps..
  • Press  * to return to the time of day greeting menu

Last step is to enable your greeting schedule

  • Press 5 to enable / disable your greeting schedule

How do I setup a group greeting?

The greeting group feature allows you to record two different greetings and assign certain phone numbers to each greeting so that those specific numbers will hear the group greeting as opposed to the main personal greeting.

From the main menu

  • Press 3 for the Greetings menu
  • Then to access the greeting group menu press 7
  • You will be prompted to Press 1 to setup the first greeting group or 2 to setup a second greeting group.

Once a selection is made (to choose a greeting group) the following options are available:

When you enter the menu for the first time, you will hear “This greeting is not recorded” and then the following prompts will play:

  1. To record this greeting press 2
  2. Enable the greeting by pressing 3    
  3. To modify the list of phone numbers that will hear this greeting press 5
  4. To delete this greeting press 7
  5. Once the greeting has been recorded select option 5  to add numbers
  6. Press  1  to add a number to the group
  7. When finished adding numbers Press * to exit this menu.

How do I create a group?

Follow these steps to create your group list(s):

From the main menu

  1. Press  8  for Personal Options
  2. Then to Access group lists press 2
  3. Select 2 to create a group list and follow the prompts.
  4. Enter a number to save your group list under (e.g. 1)
  5. Then record a name for your group list (e.g. My Team)
  6. You will then be requested to add mailbox numbers or other group lists to your distribution list you just created.
  7. When you have added all the numbers press * to exit back to the distribution list menu.
  8. Other menu items in the group list menu are :
  9. To review group lists press  1
  10. To delete a group list press 3
  11. To modify a group list press 4
  12. And as always pressing * will take you back up one level in the menu.