Slow Speeds / Dropouts: Mobile Internet Troubleshooting

There are a few reasons you may be experiencing slow data speeds. It may be due to environmental factors, high volume web traffic or your 4G device has moved into a 3G coverage area. These troubleshooting steps can help to resolve your problem.

  • Where possible, switch off WiFi/Bluetooth on all your connected devices and (if possible) plug directly into your mobile device.  
  • Use your device's default browser (e.g. Chrome for Andriod, Safari for iPad etc.) to test either of the following sites: or
  • Check our Network map for any outages affecting your area and that 3G or 4G is available

For more information, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check the basics
  • Power cycle your tablet/computer and if connected, eject your modem (wait 2 mins before reconnecting/restarting)
  • Exclude any possible device/WiFi signal factors. Click here for help  

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Step 2: Check general settings
  • If you’re using a 4G device, check that you have 4G switched on
  • Check that your device isn’t in flight mode, then toggle it on and off

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Step 3: Troubleshoot your device
  • Make sure your device’s firmware is up to date
  • Use our device guides to further troubleshoot your modem or tablet
  • If you’re still unable to establish an internet connection at all, go to this page instead

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