Fetch: Closed Captions

Closed captioning (often referred to as CC) provides an on-screen transcript of dialogue and narration in a TV program.

How to switch Closed Captions on / off

On your Fetch remote, simply press the Text button, and Closed Captions will be displayed if they are available.

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Set up your ‘My Channels’ for Closed Captions

To set up your 'My Channels' list to include only channels with Closed Captions follow the below steps:

  1. To add a channel to your list, select the channel then press the green button on your remote. You can remove the channel from your list by pressing the green button again

  2. Switch to your 'My Channels list' by pressing the yellow button on your remote. This will display only the channels you've added to your list. You can switch back to the full channel list by pressing the yellow button again

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Which programs have Closed Captions?

The Electronic Program Guide (or EPG) will display the 'CC' symbol for all programs that have Closed Captions available.

Checking for closed captions on a specific program

If you're watching a program, press the Info button on your remote twice. If Closed Captions are available, you'll see the 'CC' symbol.

To check whether a program has Closed Captions available, simply highlight the program in the EPG and press Info on your remote. If Closed Captions are available, the 'CC' symbol will be displayed.

If you're viewing the List View of the EPG, you'll see the 'CC' symbol beneath the program description instead.

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