Slow Speeds / Dropouts: NBN Internet Troubleshooting

Try these troubleshooting steps to improve your web experience, if you still experience slow NBN internet connection or dropouts, you can report the problem to us.

Follow the troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Restart your modem

Remove the power cable from the back of your modem for 60 seconds, then plug it back in. After approximately 2 minutes the lights on the modem should settle into a stable pattern.

Step 2: Check if you've exceeded your plan's data allowance  

If you have exceeded your plan's included data allowance you may be throttled to a slower speed.

Please check your data usage for the current month in My Account. If you're unsure how to do this, follow the steps in How to Check Your Home Broadband Usage.

Step 3: Check programs running on your PC

Please check if you've any programs that are accessing the internet, aside from your internet browser. Other programs could be open or running in the background, some examples include:

  • Social networking applications

  • Online chat (MSN etc.) applications

  • File-Sharing / P2P applications / Torrent applications

  • Gaming applications

If you find a program is accessing the internet, please completely exit or disable it and recheck your browsing speed.

Step 4: Clear your cache

Close all of your internet browser windows, including this one. Then re-open a single browser window and clear its cache.

A browser cache is a group of files, images, objects that are stored locally on your computer to speed up browsing. Sometimes having a large cache can affect the performance of the browser software itself.

Different browsers and browser versions will have specific steps to clear their cache. We recommend using your browser's help menu for assistance with cache clearing.

After you've cleared your cache - close your browser window and reopen it.

Step 5: Connect via an Ethernet cable

WiFi networks may have interference from various devices in your home. This interference can slow your wireless connection speeds. Plug your computer into your modem's yellow port on the back using an Ethernet cable.

Does this resolve your issue?

  • No - Continue to step 6
  • Yes - Make sure your WiFi is switched on in the Admin Portal. Not sure on how to do this? Select your modem below:
  1. Plug your computer into any of your modem's yellow ports on the back using an Ethernet cable

  2. Open a web browser and enter into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard

  3. Click Setup and Configuration on the left hand side

  4. If Authentication Required box appears, complete the fields as below:

    User: 'Optus'

    Password: This should be the default password if customer haven't changed it

  5. Click on WiFi

  6. Your WiFi is enabled if the symbol is Green or if the WiFi checkbox is ticked

  1. Plug your computer into any of your modem's yellow ports on the back using an Ethernet cable

  2. Open a web browser and enter into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard

  3. Enter your username (default 'admin') and your password (default 'password')

  4. Click on WiFi

  5. Your WiFi is enabled if the checkbox is ticked

Step 6: Check your security / anti-virus programs

If you have a security or anti-virus program with an in-built firewall enabled:

  1. Please disable the program / firewall for testing purposes and wait 30 seconds

  2. Check your browsing speed

If this has fixed your speed issues your firewall / security program is slowing down your connection speed. Please contact the software manufacturer for assistance with reconfiguring your firewall/security suite to optimise connection speed.

Important! It's not recommended that you leave your firewall disabled, as this may present a security risk.

Step 7: Check PC Storage / Speed

If your hard drive is approaching its capacity or you have many programs running it could be affecting its browsing performance. Try restarting your PC to end all unnecessary programs running or free up disk space if you're close to capacity.

Step 8: Give us a call

Thanks for doing this troubleshooting with us, in most case it resolves these types of problems. It appears, however, that the reason behind this issue is more complex.

If you haven't already done so, please conduct a speed test on the Speed Test website.

Learn more about internet speeds here.

Take a note of the results and contact NBN Technical Support on this contact number so we can investigate the issue for you.

Call us on 1300 300 427