Check coverage, network status & outages

If you’d like to check the Mobile coverage at your address or if there are any Network issues choose an option below.

Check Mobile Coverage

Our interactive coverage map will show you current and future Optus coverage. It details what you can expect from both indoor and outdoor coverage for voice, text, email and internet, plus tips on how you may be able to boost it.

For the most accurate coverage information, select your current device, or a device you intend to purchase right here.

Want more information about our mobile network and coverage? Click here.

Mobile/Fixed Network Issues

If you are experiencing network issues, head to Check Network Status > Outages, to see any planned, or unplanned outages in your area.

You’ll also find additional troubleshooting tips to help resolve your Optus Mobile or Fixed service issue.

If you cannot see any reported outages in your area and our troubleshooting tips have not resolved your problem, chat with us.