Understanding Your Standalone Cable Broadband Bill

This page shows you the layout of your Cable Broadband bill and explains what happens with monthly/recurring charges if this is your first bill, you’ve changed plans or changed ownership. Our glossary of billing terms provides a detailed explanation of charges that may also appear on your account.

To get a better understanding of what all the information means click on the explanations below.

Email Bill Notification

If you've chosen to have an online bill, the Email Bill Notification will look like this with the bill attached as a PDF document.

Email Notification Sample Image

We provide you with an online summary. A detailed breakdown is available in My Account.

  1. At the top of your bill summary, you’ll find the 'Amount Due' section including any outstanding balance of your last bill

  2. This section will show the date your nominated account will be debited if direct debit has been set up. Otherwise it will provide the date that the current bill is due

  3. Here you’ll find your account number which you'll need to reference when paying or enquiring about your account

  4. Within the ‘Useful Links’ section you’ll find a number of account related options such as setting up direct debit, requesting an extension, changing your rate plan and more

  5. The ‘Where to find your bills’ section will provide you links on where you can view your bills online.  For Cable Broadband this will be in My Account

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Your Bill Sample

Your bill will look like this.

Bill Image Example

We provide you with a snapshot of your bill:

  1. At the top of your bill summary, you’ll find the ‘Total Amount Due’ section including the new charges for this bill and any outstanding charges from previous bills

  2. The ‘Due Date’ section will show the date your current bill is due. If there are outstanding charges they are due immediately

  3. Here you’ll find your unique 10 digit ‘Customer Account Number’ which you'll need to reference when paying or enquiring about your account

  4. In this section you’ll find the Last Month’s Balance & Payment Advice Details. The first line in the breakdown of charges is your previous bill's total. Any payment we've received against that amount, will show in the next line. Payments will show 'CR' (credit) next to the amount and the date the payment was received

  5. The ‘Service in Advance’ section is billed 1 month ahead of your bill cycle and will show a summary of charges for your service, like your chosen broadband plan, as well as any speed packs you may be currently subscribed to. If you choose not to pay your account by direct debit a $2.20 processing fee is charged to your monthly bill(s). This fee can be avoided if paying with direct debit or via credit, debit, charge or prepaid cards.

  6. This is the total of all charges for this bill, including any overdue charges and GST. This figure equals the amount at the top of the bill in item (1)

  7. This section has variable information about any potential changes to your service or new offers. It also provides the cut-off date of when the bill was calculated. Payments or adjustments made to your account after this date will show on the next bill

  8. The bottom section of your bill provides you with other payment options if you don’t have direct debit set up

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Glossary of Billing Terms

Below is an explanation of terms that may appear on your bill, 



Late payment fee

Fees that may apply if the total bill amount is not paid by the due date:

  • More than $50 but less than $100 - $15.00 (No GST is payable)
  • More than $100 - $15.00 plus 2% above the prime lending rate charged to us by our principal bank calculated daily on the unpaid amount above $100 (including any late fees already incurred)

Service in advance

Charges that recur monthly - this includes base plan charges and optional extras such as an additional speed pack bolt-on or Fetch TV subscription.

If this is your first bill or you’ve changed ownership, you'll have multiple charges:

  • The first charge is from the connection date of your plan/bolt-on, until the end of the current bill's invoice period
  • The second instance is to bring the same plan/bolt-on one month ahead of this bill's invoice period. Only one charge will appear on your next bill

If this is your final bill after disconnection, click here


Change of service

Charge amount for the new plan from the date the change has occurred plus credit amount for unused portion of the old plan charged in advance on the previous bill

Account processing fee (non-direct debit fee)

$2.20 fee applied if account is not paid via direct debit

Non-recurring charge

Additional one-time charges not part of the plan, like connection or delivery fees

Paper invoice fee (paper bill fee)

Customers who are eligible to receive their bills via My Account, but choose to also receive paper bills may incur a $2.20 Paper Invoice Fee (Paper Bill Fee). To avoid this fee simply register for My Account and switch to convenient online billing

Payment processing fee (credit card payment fee)

Payments made via credit, debit or charge cards incur a 0.427% (incl. GST) payment processing fee. For a fee free alternative you can set up direct debit today

Relocation fee

Charge to physically move a service

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