Voice to MMS: FAQ, Add or Remove

Voice to MMS is a voicemail feature that converts spoken voicemail messages into audio files and then sends them to your mobile handset as an MMS.

Note. Voice to Text is no longer available. For more information, see Changes to the Voice to Text feature.

How do the answering services differ?


Is part of our regular Voicemail service and has no additional charge. It simply sends you an SMS advising when a new Voicemail message has been left.

Missed Call Service

Is a free substitute for Voicemail. It allows for 1 minute messages (maximum) to be converted and sent as an MMS, but does not record or store the message like Voicemail. Further info on Missed Call Service is available here.

Voice to MMS

Is an optional add-on to Voicemail. It converts full Voicemail messages to an audio file and sends them to you as an MMS, so that you can reply directly to the caller by voice or another message.

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How does Voice to MMS work & what does it cost?

How does it work?

With Voice to MMS active, if a caller leaves you a voicemail message in addition to being stored as a regular voicemail, the message is converted to an audio file and sent to you as an MMS.

What does it cost?

For pricing, terms & conditions and even more info see the Voice to MMS tab on this page.

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How do I turn it on or off?

You can turn it on or off in My Account, steps below. If you want to turn it on, you must also have Voicemail active. See our article on activating voicemail if you need help.

To switch Voice to MMS off, log into My Account.  

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