Understanding & Managing Your Data Usage

Need help understanding and managing your data usage? Here are some handy tips and tools.

To track data usage for:

To find out what data your plan includes, check out your Critical Information Summary (CIS).

What can use your data?

It's a good idea to check your usage regularly to see exactly what apps and websites are using your data. Keep in mind: 

  • Any device that connects to the internet will use data to do so, including mobile devices, computers, smart TVs, gaming systems and smart appliances
  • Some apps and processes will keep using data in the background unless you change their settings to prevent it

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Tips for managing data usage

Here are some tips to reduce the amount of data you use. Need help to change any settings? Consult your device guide or manufacturer’s website

  • Adjust device settings
    • Keep your operating system up to date
    • Switch off WiFi Assist on Apple iOS9+ devices
    • Set device and app updates to run on WiFi only
    • Delete unused apps, photos and other unused media
    • Set strong passwords and run regular antivirus checks to prevent unauthorised use of your devices/network
    • If you're going away for an extended period, switch your modem / router and computer off
  • Limit push content
    • Stop videos from playing automatically in apps / your browser
    • Limit push notifications from email and other apps
    • Limit location services within apps
  • Adjust upload / download settings
    • Set downloads, syncs and photo/file backups to run on WiFi only
    • Keep file sizes small when sharing or backing them up
  • Manage streaming options
    • Switch music and video streaming from high definition to standard definition
    • If you're eligible, switch on Mobile TV streaming and Music streaming to enjoy selected streaming apps without using your data.

    Tip: When checking your usage, be aware that your Data Breakdown will show you all the data use that's happening via the SIM card in your device. This includes Mobile TV and music streaming that may not use the data in your plan.

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Extra data options

If you have tried these steps but continue to exceed your data allowance on a regular basis, it might be time to add extra data or change to a plan with more data.

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