Stop Unwelcome or Nuisance Calls & Messages

There are many types of unwelcome calls. This article looks at strategies for managing unwanted calls and messages including:

  • Scam calls
  • Hang up calls
  • Silence
  • Hoax calls
  • Unsolicited telemarketing calls / messages
  • Obscene, abusive or malicious calls / text or MMS
  • Calls by predictive dialling equipment to randomly dial numbers

Harassing or life-threatening calls / texts

If you're receiving harassing or life-threatening calls or texts, contact the police immediately. They will liaise with us if they need further information.

Scam calls

To report a scam call or get more information, do so via the ACCC Scam Watch site.

Select from the options below.

Opt-out of telemarketing calls or messages

Managing external telemarketing calls / messages

To avoid receiving calls or messages from unsolicited companies / sources, add your phone numbers to the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register. It can take up to 30 days for the changes to be updated after registering your number on the Do Not Call Register.

To unsubscribe from marketing messages or email, you will need to use the method as advised in the message from that company (e.g. replying 'STOP' or directly through their website).

Tip. Be careful when clicking on any links in an email or text / MMS. See our Privacy and Security website for more information on:

  • Online safety
  • How to protect against viruses and phishing
  • Managing spam and how to report spam messages or messages with offensive content

Unsubscribe requests under the Spam Act may take up to 5 business days to action.

Managing Optus telemarketing calls / messages

You can unsubscribe or opt-out of Optus marketing via My Account. Simply click the 'Profile' menu to manage your General Marketing & Marketing Subscriptions.

For more information on this process, refer to our Marketing Preferences article. 

It can take up to 30 calendar days for your details to be removed from our systems.

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Subscribe to an unlisted (silent) number 

For Mobile Phone Numbers

Check or change your mobile number's listing status in My Account, under Call Diversion and Settings.

Note: You will need to log in with your My Account username, not your phone number. 

For Fixed Line Phone Numbers

Chat with us to change your number's listing status.

For more information on Mobile or Fixed Home Phone number listing, click here.

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Change your phone number

To discuss changing your number due to harassing or nuisance calls, please chat with us

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Change settings on your Mobile Phone

Many Mobile Phones have settings that can block specific numbers which allows you to stop seeing communications from those sources. See your Mobile Phone user information for help with enabling these settings.

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Reporting unwelcome communications


If receiving multiple unwelcome communications from the same source, report these to us by following the steps below. If they continue, the user's service may be suspended or disconnected.

Step 1:  Collect Data

To request an unwelcome communications investigation, you will need to have the following information to show a pattern of unwelcome communications

  • Specific times and dates of 3 or more unwelcome communications that were spread over a period of more than 24 hours and less than 120 hours;
  • Specific times and dates of unwelcome communications received at regular and/or consistent intervals; or
  • Specific times and dates of unwelcome communications where 10 or more are received in a 24-hour period

Note: For Optus to act, you will need to retain information relating to the unwelcome communications. You will need to keep an accurate record of the:

  • time, date and approximate duration of any unwelcome communications, preferably down to the nearest minute; and
  • calling number or other reference used to identify the originating service (e.g. email address), if known

If the communications do not meet these criteria, you can still report the matter to the police and they may also contact us in relation to the matter. 

Step 2:  Contact Optus with call / message data

Chat with us and provide unwelcome communications data as detailed above in Step 1. 

Step 3:  Investigation

Any action taken by Optus is under strict guidelines that are set out in the Communications Alliance Code.

Once details of the unwelcome communications are provided to us, we will investigate to see whether a pattern of unwelcome communications has been established. If it has, with your consent, we will contact the service provider that supplies the service to the party that is initiating the unwelcome communications. That service provider will be responsible for issuing warning letters to the individual responsible for the unwelcome communications.

If the unwelcome communications continue after warnings, additional options are available, including suspending or disconnecting the service being used to make the unwelcome communications.

If at any stage during this process you continue to receive unwelcome communications, you should keep recording the details of these communications as set out in Step 1 and report them to us.

Please note:  

  • If there is a threat to life or a threat of serious harm you should immediately report the matter to the police
  • There are some limitations on Optus’ ability to address unwelcome communications (e.g. in a situation where the identity of the individual initiating the unwelcome communications cannot be established)
  • The exchange of information between service providers to investigate unwelcome communications is governed by the Industry Code
  • Optus' Privacy Policy can be viewed here
  • An Industry Guidance Note has been developed with more information for customers about the management of unwelcome communications

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