Internet & Email: Username & Password Help

Important: We are currently upgrading our billing system. If your account number starts with a 62, please chat with us to view your username or reset your password. Otherwise, please follow the instructions outlined below. 

Account Holders can view, add or remove Fixed Broadband & Mobile Broadband OptusNet usernames / email accounts or change their corresponding passwords using My Account

Primary account username's can't be edited, however you can reset the password in My Account

Before you change your password

Changing the Primary Username's password can: 

  • Change your Internet Access password (e.g. ServiceNet / PPPoE passwords for DSL Internet Access)
  • Change your My Account password if it shares the same username with your OptusNet account
  • Change your Member Services password (used for online billing with Cable services)
  • Change the Account Holder's OptusNet Primary email password

Changing a Secondary Account's password will:

  • Change the password of the associated secondary OptusNet email address only
  • Not affect your My Account or any other security login details

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Change your password using My Account

Request a new password:

  1. Log in with your My Account username, not your service number. If you can't remember your My Account login details, see this article first

  2. Navigate to Your Services, select the relevant service, click on Settings 

  3. Go to My Optus Email Accounts, click Manage Account

  4. Click Generate Password against the email account you need to reset the password for

  5. A temporary password will be sent to the mobile contact number listed in My Account

    • If you do not have a mobile number listed, it will be sent to your listed email account

    • If the email account you have listed is the same as the one you need to reset the password for, then you will need to update your contact preferences in My Account

Change your temporary password:

  1. Log into OptusNet Webmail using your temporary password

  2. In a new tab, log back into My Account and go to My Optus Email Accounts

  3. Click Change Password against the email account you need to set a permanent password for

  4. Enter your temporary password in the Current Password field

  5. Enter you preferred password into the New password field and re-enter.

  6. Click Change Password. You can now log into your OptusNet Webmail account with your preferred password

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