Internet Content Blocking

What Type of Blocking does this Page Refer to?

1. Child sexual abuse websites (INTERPOL “worst of the worst”)

Optus implemented blocking of the INTERPOL “worst of the worst” list in July 2011, as per our commitment to voluntarily implement blocking of child sexual abuse material (announced in mid-2010) and in cooperation with a formal request from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). (The AFP acts as INTERPOL’s agent within Australia.)

2. Copyright infringing websites

Where Optus is ordered to do so by the Australian Federal Court, Optus blocks websites that the Court has determined infringe or facilitate the infringement of copyright, as per section 115A of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

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Are all Australian ISP's Participating?

In relation to the INTERPOL blocking, we can only confirm our own involvement in the scheme.

The copyright blocking court orders only apply to those ISPs who are subject to those orders and have been ordered to implement the blocks. Details of the court orders (including the domains to be blocked) can be found on the Federal Court’s website for each individual case.

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What about My Privacy – Will Optus be Able to See Everything I'm Viewing?

Optus’ blocking solution does not identify individual customers nor does it generate reports on which customers have attempted to access websites that are blocked.

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What Content ‘Exactly' will be Blocked?

Blocking will be based on:

  • the INTERPOL “worst of the worst” list – a list of prohibited domains that have been independently verified by INTERPOL and at least one other partner law enforcement agency as containing child sexual abuse material, which is illegal in overseas jurisdictions and also under Australian Law; and
  • domains that infringe, or facilitate the infringement of, copyright as determined by the Australian Federal Court in accordance with the criteria set out in section 115A of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

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Which Sites are on the List?

The domains being blocked due to copyright are listed in the Australian Federal Court’s orders in each relevant case, available on the Federal Court’s website.

For the INTERPOL blocking, as the content is illegal, the domains are kept confidential. INTERPOL maintains very strict criteria for the domains that are included on their list. Details of the criteria are available from INTERPOL’s website.

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What Should I do if I Think a Legitimate Website is on the Blocking List?

If a site has been blocked due to copyright infringement, and you believe it has been blocked in error, please email Optus at

For sites blocked under INTERPOL’s list, you must contact the Australian Federal Police, who will arrange with INTERPOL to have the matter investigated.

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What do I do if I Have Come Across Content Which I Believe is Illegal? Who do I Report it to?

If you are concerned about content that you believe is child sexual abuse material, you should contact the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. The Commissioner is required to investigate all genuine complaints made by Australian residents or corporations operating in Australia. For details on how to lodge a complaint go to:

For advice on where to report other potentially illegal or offensive content, please see the options at:

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Will the Blocking Impact My Internet Service’s Speeds or Performance?

No. Our testing has confirmed that there are no impacts to internet speeds or performance as a result of the blocking. 

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