Home Wireless Broadband: Availability, Setup & Plans

Home Wireless Broadband is a simple 'plug and play' home or office internet solution.

We've configured the network especially to support Home Wireless Broadband. So, while it uses our 4G Plus network, it delivers a different speed experience to Mobile.

We also offer the option to purchase a 'Vividwireless modem' to be able to access their range of plans.

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Optus supplied & serviced plans

Click on an option below to view available plans from Optus:


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Vividwireless options

Vividwireless utilise our Optus network and have their own range of plans including an unlimited data plan.

To take up a Vividwireless plan you’ll need to purchase the Vividwireless modem outright. Once you set up the device you’ll be taken to the Vividwireless website to set up your payment details and select your plan from Vividwireless.

Click on an option below to view more:

Buying the Vividwireless Modem Outright through Optus

You can purchase the Vividwireless modem outright through Optus either online, in-store or over the phone.


  1. Head over to our Home Wireless Broadband page

  2. You'll need to check the device works at your address (as it utilises specific parts of our 4G network)

  3. Once you’ve checked your address you’ll be advised of available options at that location

    Note. As you are using the Optus website you’ll be advised of both Optus and Vividwireless options where available

  4. Decide whether you wish to proceed by following the onscreen prompts

In-store: Click here to find your nearest Optus retailer

Over the phone: Give our sales team a call

View Vividwireless Plans / Purchase through Vivid Wireless

To view plans available through Vividwireless head over to their website: https://www.vividwireless.com.au/

You can also purchase your plan and Home Wireless Broadband modem directly through Vividwireless.

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How to change your existing Optus plan

There are a few options available if you’re looking to change your existing Home Wireless Broadband plan with Optus.

Note. If you have a Vividwireless plan and want to change, you’ll need to contact Vividwireless directly.  

Select an option below for more information:

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Modem & set up

Home Wireless Broadband comes with a SIM enabled modem powered by the Optus 4G Plus network.

You can connect computers and devices directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable or connect multiple devices via WiFi.

The SIM card is locked to the device and will not work in any other devices e.g. Mobile Phone, Mobile Broadband, etc.

A delivery fee of $9.95 per device may apply if purchased over the phone.

Modem Set Up

Optus Home Wireless Broadband modem:

Vividwireless Home Wireless Broadband modem:

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Usage & data allowance

Note. The following information is for Optus Home Wireless Broadband plans only.

Usage is counted in 1 kilobyte increments. Usage alerts via email will be sent once you’ve reached approximately:

  • 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data
  • 85% and 100% of your additional data

You can also monitor your unbilled usage via My Account.

What if I go over my data allowance?

If you exceed your data allowance, we'll automatically give you an additional 10GB of data for $10 (Max. 5 additional data blocks can be added per month). For example, if you're on the 200GB plan you can get up to a total of 250GB before your data speed is throttled down to 256kbps until the next bill cycle.

Further Data top-ups are not available and the Fair Go Policy applies.

For information on Vividwireless data allowances click here.

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What is the speed of Home Wireless Broadband?

The service is designed to be used in the home and the speed of data transmitted using the service is different from the speed of data using other services supplied over our 4G network.  In metropolitan areas where there is 2300 MHz coverage at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 12/1Mbps are available. If 2300 MHz coverage is not available at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 5/1 Mbps are available.

Actual speed will depend on several factors including congestion, location, local conditions, hardware, software and general internet traffic.

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