How to Get Your Bill's Balance & Due Date

There are a number of ways to check your current balance or find out when your bill is due. Typically the due date of your bill is 14 days from the issue date.

The easiest way to check your bill’s balance, due date and to set up direct debit is via the My Optus app:

Using your Mobile device: via the App, SMS or Calling

My Optus app

Check your mobile phone, mobile broadband, fixed phone and broadband bill balances in the app:



Use the Optus SMS Menu  to check your mobile phone & mobile broadband bill balances.
Text the number 2 to 9999


Check your mobile phone balance by dialling 1509 from your mobile, or 13 29 26 from another mobile and follow the prompts.

Using your PC: via My Account or Member Services

My Account ~ most services

To check your balance and due date, log into My Account.

Member Services ~ Cable and Resale services only

To check your balance in Member Services:

  1. Log into Member Services

  2. From the menu on the left: Select the account you want to view, then click Manage Online Bills 

  3. Click View Bills

  4. In the main pane, from the drop down menu: Select the account number you want to view

  5. The live balance for the selected account number will display

Do I use My Account or Member Services?

This depends on the type of service(s) you have. For assistance with online billing, eligibility and functions, check out this article.

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Prepaid Balances

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