International Roaming: Add, Remove, Rates & More

International roaming allows you to use your Optus mobile service whilst overseas in over 180 destinations. Check the world map to see if your Optus service will work at your destination. 

  • Prepaid roaming: You will need 'Real Money' / 'Credit' / 'Roaming data' / 'Extras Credit' / 'Travel Credit' to use Prepaid roaming overseas
  • Postpaid (billed) roaming: Roaming usage is not included in your plan and will be billed on top of your regular monthly bill. So things like accessing email, social media, mobile internet, messaging and calls will cost you extra.

Choose an option below for more detailed information on roaming.

How to add or remove international roaming?

The following options can be used to add or remove international roaming:

My Optus app

  • To get My Optus app:

Apple App Store Download Google Play Store Download

SMS me a direct download link

Tip! If you're already overseas you won't be able to use this option.

My Account

  • Change your international roaming settings online using My Account.  This option is available 24/7

 When overseas, use WiFi, as roaming charges can apply. 


  • Dial 1509 from your mobile and follow the prompts

If you're already overseas dial +61 2 8082 5678 (calls from a roaming Optus Mobile Phone to this number are free). 


This option is available for Postpaid Mobile Phone customers only.

  • Text menu to 9999 and follow the prompts

If you're already overseas, international rates / roaming charges can apply. 

Next Steps

  1. International roaming will activate / deactivate within 15 minutes to 4 hours (up to a maximum of 12 hours)

  2. We'll send a confirmation SMS with your roaming status

  3. Switch your device off and then on again to update your roaming access

  4. If your device does not auto-select one of our roaming partners, you can manually select a network in your devices 'Settings' menu

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How to check estimated usage

International roaming charges can take a while to come through as they pass through different mobile networks. For this reason, the usage shown will only be an estimate - your Optus bill will show the actual usage charges. 

When viewing data usage, the time of usage will be shown in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), not the local time where the data was used.

There are two options to check an estimate of your roaming usage:

Note: To minimise roaming charges use Wi-Fi where possible.

International roaming usage alerts

Where available we'll send free messages to keep you informed of your roaming usage. You'll also get SMS alerts each time you exceed approx. $100 of roaming usage. Roaming usage alerts are estimates and may be delayed.

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International Roaming: Pricing & Travel Packs

There's no charge to activate roaming however all usage, including, calls, messaging and mobile data are excluded from your plan and any optional add-ons (e.g. Music streaming).

Optus Travel Pack

Consider purchasing an Optus Travel Pack. In selected destinations they provide greater flexibility and control when using your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Mobile Broadband overseas. Check out this page for more info on Optus Travel Packs.

Roaming Costs

To keep charges as simple as possible we’ve split participating roaming destinations into two Zones. Select an option below to check the roaming rates.

Note: Aerospace and Maritime have their own roaming charges separate from the two Zones. Search using the world map for roaming rates.

Check out 'What do I need to know before travelling overseas' for more information on roaming charges.

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How to use your service when roaming

Sending messages or making calls

  • To a number within the overseas destination you're visiting: enter the area code and then the number (i.e. using the destination's national format)
  • To a number anywhere else: including back to Australia, enter the number in the full international format (e.g. +61 3 9123 4567)

Get more information on country codes here.

Receiving messages or calls

  • From a number in Australia: the caller only needs to dial your number as if you were still in Australia (e.g. 0411 222 333)
  • From a number anywhere else (including the overseas destination you're in): the caller must enter your number using the full international format (e.g. +61 3 9123 4567)

Get more information on country codes here.

Access voicemail when overseas

If you want to access your mobile voicemail whilst overseas and using international roaming, you've got 2 options. 

Option 1
  1. Text the letter A to 321

  2. Within 30 seconds the voicemail system will ring your roaming mobile automatically

  3. Follow the prompts to retrieve your voicemail

Option 2
  1. Dial + 61 411 000 321

  2. If prompted: Enter your mailbox number, this is your Mobile Phone number in Australian format (e.g. 04XX XXX XXX)

  3. Enter your PIN

  4. Follow the prompts to retrieve your voicemail

Note: International Roaming Rates rates will apply.

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Tips to keep roaming costs down
  • Check if an Optus Travel Pack is available with your service type and destination. Travel Packs offer simpler rates, greater flexibility and better value than standard roaming charges
  • Consider switching on unconditional call diversions to stop calls routing to you overseas before they go to voicemail or another phone
  • Use your screen / keypad lock to avoid unintended or unauthorised calls / messages
  • Consider switching off all access to cellular data / data roaming while overseas
  • Switch off any 'Push' or 'Pull' settings to prevent automatic retrieval of email
  • Switch off subscriptions to podcasts, internet radio and any other streaming media/apps
  • Remove any apps you won't use overseas to prevent unnecessary updates
  • Check out the location of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots at your destination(s)
  • Download offline maps of your destination(s) before you leave

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What do I need to know before travelling overseas?

Stay informed and in control

Roaming Charges
  • Get to know our simplified roaming rates and zones
  • Consider purchasing an Optus Travel Pack. In selected destinations they provide greater flexibility and control as well as better value when using your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Mobile Broadband overseas
  • Call diversions to an Australian number or a number in the local zone destination are excluded from your plan and Optus Travel Packs. They will be charged at the standard International call rates for that destination
  • Roaming charges can sometimes take a couple of months to appear on your Optus bill
  • You're responsible for all charges incurred while overseas, just like you are at home
Tips for Travellers
  • Use secure Wi-Fi to access the internet on your travels (where you can)
  • Take note of any roaming usage alerts that we send to you
  • Get the latest version of the My Optus app before you go and use it or My Account over Wi-Fi to keep a tab on your usage, balance and bills when overseas.
  • Secure your device with a PIN / strong password
  • Consider adding a third party authority to your Optus account(s), so they can make enquiries on your behalf
  • Change the phone numbers in your address book into international format
  • Network quality, coverage and capability varies greatly depending on your destination. E.g.. Some networks overseas don't have 3G/4G functionality. See what's available here
  • You should check your mobile device's compatibility with the overseas networks / mobile frequencies that you intend to use. Most modern devices can use multiple frequencies, but we recommend that you double check compatibility. Here's an example of some of the differences that can exist with network frequencies:
    • Optus use: 
      3G Network: 900  / 2100 MHz
      4G Network: 700 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz
    • Some operators in the USA  (for example) use:
      850 / 1900 / 1700 MHz for 2G / 3G / 4G

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