Your bill explained

This page shows you the layout of your bill and explains what happens with monthly/recurring charges if this is your first bill, you’ve changed plans, or changed ownership. Our glossary of billing terms provides a detailed explanation of charges that may also appear on your account.

We're currently upgrading our billing systems, so if your account number starts with an 8, 9, or 10, click here. Otherwise watch this video, or you can read an explanation below.

Email Bill

If you've chosen to have an online bill, it will look like this:

Email bill

We provide you with an online summary. A detailed breakdown is available in My Optus app, or My Account:

  1. At the top of your bill summary, you’ll find your account number which you'll need to reference when paying, or enquiring about your account

  2. The ‘Bill Amount’ shows you what to pay, including any outstanding balance from your last bill. The ‘Due date’ tells you when the bill amount needs to be paid

  3. By clicking ‘Pay your bill now’, you can pay your bill online, or below this you’ll find other payment options and also set up direct debit if you haven’t already

  4. 'This Bill Compared To Previous Months’ shows the difference in the current bill spend from your previous month

  5. 'Services On This Bill’ shows the service(s) that the bill amount relates to

  6. 'Looking for help?' Provides you with ways to seek further assistance

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Your Bill - First page summary

If you've chosen to have a paper bill, it will look like this:

First page Summary

We provide you with a snapshot of your bill:

  1. In the top right section, you’ll find the invoice period, your account number for payment, how much to pay and when

  2. 'Your Recent Charges’ shows a comparison of your 3 most recent bills

  3. 'Your Last Bill Summary’ lists your last bill amount, payments made and any adjustments

  4. 'This Bill’ displays a summary of account charges, total charges incurred by each service and the total amount for the bill. If you’ve set up direct debit the total amount due will be debited on the due date. The breakdown of the account charges is explained in the service summary

  5. The bottom section of your bill provides you with other payment options if you don’t have direct debit set up

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Your Bill - Account summary

Your paper bill account summary will look like this:

Account Summary

  1. Your ‘Shared Usage Summary’ shows the total data available for sharing, which services have used it and how much. If you’ve exceeded your shared data allowance, additional data charges will appear against the primary service. See 'Data Contribution' in our glossary of terms to understand how we calculate data charges

  2. 'Other Account Charges' will display items like the 0.427% (incl. GST) credit card payment fee from your previous bill. Direct Debit will not incur this fee

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Your Bill - Service summary

Your paper bill service summary will look like this:

Service Suammry

  1. In the grey box, you’ll find the Plan ID which can be used to access your Critical Information Summary (CIS). This is a detailed guide to understanding your plan, outlining prices, inclusions, terms & conditions

  2. 'Monthly Charges and Credits’ shows a summary of charges for each service like monthly plan fees, bolt-ons and device repayments

    1. If this is your first bill, or you’ve changed ownership, see Monthly charges and credits in our glossary of billing terms for an explanation of pro-rated charge

    2. If you’ve changed your plan/bolt-on or disconnected a service and this is your final bill, a credit adjustment for any unused period of the charge will appear here

  3. 'Usage Charges’ displays any charges in addition to your plan including any usage over the plan inclusions, excluding shared data

  4. 'Other Charges and Credits’ allows you to view any packs you’ve purchased

Details of the summarised charges are in My Optus app, or view them in My Account.

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Glossary of Billing Terms

If you'd like an explanation of a term that appears on your bill, choose an option below:

  • Additional data level
  • Additional 1GB allowance charged at $10 (inc. GST) as data usage has exceeded available data allowance.

  • Base plan plus data bolt-on in advance
  • Any credit or debit adjustments applied to your account since the last bill (excl. GST).

  • Channel pack
  • Optus Yes TV content (TV or Movies). Charges for TV packs are in monthly blocks and are not pro-rated.

  • Community calls
  • A 'Community call' is a call that would otherwise be charged at National call rates.  With community calls, the charging zone in which the calling party is located is not adjacent to the charging zone in which the called party is located. However, Optus has designated the two areas to have a community interest and therefore charges a reduced 'Community Call' rate between the two areas.

    More information is available in the Home Phone Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA).

  • Content services
  • Premium Services at an additional cost usually provided by a third party provider.

    If you have a Fetch service that's bundled with your Fixed Broadband or Bundled account, the service, rental or TV channel pack charges can be found under ‘Content Services’. The ‘Supplier’ column confirms that each charge relates to Fetch.

    Support to manage third party content & spend control is here.

  • Credit card payment fee
  • Payments made via credit, debit or charge cards incur a 0.427% (incl. GST) payment processing fee.

  • Data bolt-on
  • Additional data allowance added to the service plan data inclusion.

  • Data amount added
  • Amount of shareable data contributed by a service.

  • Late payment fee
  • Fee of $15 that may apply if the total bill amount is not paid by the due date.

  • MBB travel pack
  • Pre-purchased pack $10/day to get 200MB data to use in Zone 1 destinations. Multiple days bought as a single pack allows you to use your total data allowance over those days.

  • Mobile TV Streaming
  • Immerse yourself in the latest TV shows, movies and special events. See this page for more information.

  • Monthly charges and credits
  • Charges that recur monthly - this includes base plan charges, bolt-ons and device instalments.

    If this is your first bill, or you’ve changed ownership, you'll have repeated charges:

    • The first charge is from the connection date of your plan/bolt-on, until the end of the current bill's invoice period
    • The second instance is to bring the same plan/bolt-on one month ahead of this bill's invoice period. Only one charge will appear on your next bill

    If this is your final bill after disconnection, click here.

  • New phone trade up
  • A one-off fee to return a current device in good working order and get a brand new one on a new eligible 24-month plan. See New Phone Trade Up for more information.

  • Non-direct debit fee
  • $2.20 fee applied if account is not paid via direct debit. This fee can be avoided if paying with direct debit.

    Note. A stored credit card payment within My Account is not the same as a direct debit card payment. Stored credit card payments are manual and can still incur a 0.427% (incl. GST) credit card payment fee. This also applies for manual online payments via Pay My Bill.

  • Other charges and credits
  • Additional one-time charges or credits not part of the plan, like Travel packs, connection, or delivery fees.

  • Other mobile calls
  • Mobile calls that are not included in your plan benefit, these may be charged or already be rated as zero ($0.00).

  • Paper invoice fee
  • Customers who are eligible to receive their bills via My Account, but choose to also receive paper bills may incur a $2.20 Paper Invoice Fee. To avoid this fee simply register for My Account and switch to convenient online billing.

  • Payment processing fee
  • Payments made via credit, debit or charge cards incur a 0.427% (incl. GST) payment processing fee. For a fee free alternative you can set up direct debit today.

  • Pro rata / part month charges
  • A pro-rata or part month charge is a charge for only part of the month.

    • Located under ‘Your usage and charges summary’: The standard full monthly access charge in advance, plus
    • Located under ‘Recurring charges’: A pro-rata (part-month) charge from when the plan was activated until the end of the bill cycle.
  • Relocation fee
  • Charge to physically move a service.

  • Roaming data usage/SMS/voice calls
  • Charges for usage made outside of Australia via our overseas carrier partners.

  • Smartcard replacement
  • Charge for replacement of Optus TV featuring Foxtel smartcard.

  • Standalone Foxtel installation fee
  • Charge for installation of Optus TV featuring Foxtel.

  • Travel pack
  • Pre-purchased pack $10/day to get Unlimited Talk & SMS, plus 100MB data to use in Zone 1 destinations. Multiple days bought as a single pack allows you to use your total data allowance over those days.

  • Usage charges
  • Usage related to voice calls, SMS, MMS, content and data generated by your service. You can check and manage your usage via My Optus app, or My Account.

    Content/Premium Services are at an additional cost, usually provided by a third party provider. Support to manage third party content & spend control is here.

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You can view detailed usage for your current bill and manage your account via: My Optus app, or My Account

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